Gluten-Free Baking

Learn the tricks of baking light and flakey gluten free pastries, muffins & cookies. Discover how to make your own gluten free flour blend that is free of stabilizers and gums and can be used in any recipe with an easy to convert ratio. No more grainy, unappetizing, dense baked goods.
We will create and sample gluten free pie dough, muffins, cookies & delectable brownies. All dishes are dairy free (dark chocolate may be used), eggs may be used with substitutes available.
DATE: Thursday, March 1st, 2018
TIME: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
COST: $55 per person minimum of 6 people
Deadline to register: February 22, 2018



Interested in keeping heart disease and strokes at bay?
Cholesterol levels a bit too high at last check? High blood pressure worries keeping you up at night?
This class is for you.
The VITALITY Sessions: HEART is a workshop aimed at giving you the tools to help support your ever  lovin’ heart and all of its circulatory components. Imagine working at improving circulation, and eating to protect the heart and vessels. Imagine curbing those cholesterol levels, and keeping that blood pressure in check. Imagine reducing inflammation, supporting longevity and ensuring vibrancy for your heart. Join Luka Symons, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to garner important foods, spices, teas and elixirs as well as lifestyle tips in order to best support your heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Luka will demo a few recipes you can easily follow in your own kitchen. You will receive a handout with 5 recipes aimed at supporting this integral organ, helping support a healthy and happy heart. Let’s go over how best to nourish your cardiovascular system, and make it a delicious adventure!
RECIPES TO BE DEMOED & SAMPLED: kale chips, beet kvass (ferment)
DATE: Thursday, March 29th, 2018         TIME: 6:30pm—8:30pm
$40/person               Deadline to register: March 22, 2018